[id] 22976 [artist] FLAMING LIPS, THE

カルトバンドから世界のバンドへと飛躍を見せる事となった歴史的名盤!1曲目の”RACE FOR THE PRIZE”から、一気に持って行かれるファンタジーの世界!彼らの数ある名盤の中でもやはり一番人気なのはコチラかと思います!アナログで是非とも手に入れて置いて下さい!!そして月日が経てば誰かに受け継がれて行ける作品だとも思います。

[label] WEA
[type] US
[format] 2LP
[condition] NEW / NEW
[price] 4,690
  1. Race For The Prize (Sacrifice Of The New Scientists)
  2. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
  3. The Spark That Bled (The Softest Bullet Ever Shot)
  4. The Spiderbite Song
  5. Buggin' (The Buzz Of Love Is Busy Buggin' You)
  6. What Is The Light? (An Untested Hypothesis Suggesting That The Chemical (In Our Brains) By Which We Are Able To Experience The Sensation Of Being In Love Is The Same Chemical That Caused The "Big Bang" That Was The Birth Of The Acceleration Universe)
  7. The Observer
  8. Waitin' For A Superman (Is It Gettin' Heavy?)
  9. Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Death Anxiety Caused By Moments Of Boredom)
  10. The Gash (Battle Hymn For The Wounded Mathematician)
  11. Slow Motion
  12. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
  13. Sleeping On The Roof (Excerpt From "Should We Keep The Sereved Head Awake??")

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