[id] 40610 [artist] YAYA BEY


DONNY HATHAWAやALICE SMITH、MARY J. BLIGEなどが引き合いに出され、各メディアから賞賛を集め大成功を収めた1st”REMEMBER YOUR NORTH STAR”を経ての2nd!R&B/SOULをベースにエクスペルメンタルな要素も昇華したオーガニックなネオソウルで、BUTCHER BRWONのメンバーやKARRIEM RIGGINS、DAY DANIELなどの実力派面々が参加した聞き応え抜群の内容!

[label] BIG DADA
[type] EU
[format] LP
[condition] NEW / NEW
[price] 4,990
  1. crying through my teeth
  2. the evidence
  3. chrysanthemums
  4. sir princess bad bitch
  5. east coast mami
  6. chasing the bus
  7. all around los angeles
  8. slow dancing in the kitchen
  9. so fantastic (feat. Grand Daddy I.U.)
  10. eric adams in the club (feat. Exaktly)
  11. me and all my niggas
  12. iloveyoufrankiebeverly
  13. career day
  14. carl thomas sliding down the wall
  15. yvette's cooking show
  16. let go

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