[id] 5371 [artist] NME
[title] NME/2007.09.08

KATE NASH特集!!ほんとに日本で想像する以上に彼女の人気は凄そうです!!KILLERSとLOU REEDのコラボの話題や、相変わらずENEMYノリまくりです!!

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  1. Kate Nash… The Queen Of The Summer Is Quizzed By You Lot
  2. Plus, Band Of The Summer, % Of You Who Shagged In A Tent. The Great Festival Survey Poll 2007 Revealed
  3. Nme Gallery: The Week's Best Rock Photography, Including Muse…
  4. …And A Pissed, Sorry, Injured Mia At Get Loaded In The Park
  5. The Killers Team Up With Lou Reed
  6. Frank Gallows: "I'm Quitting Music For Tattooing."
  7. Kasabian Back Nme's Sex Pistols Campaign To Get God Save The Queen To Number One
  8. The Briefing: What Is The New Babyshambles Album Like?
  9. Dirty Pretty Things And The Enemy Talk About Their Prison Gig
  10. Nme Joins Hard-Fi As They Get Their Hits Out For The Lads In Ibiza
  11. Why The Go! Team's Ninja Hasn't Heard Her Own Album
  12. All Back To Myspace: Tom Clarke
  13. Radar: This Week's Buzz Person Is Fryars
  14. Live: Nme Goes To The Tennents Vital Festival In Belfast, Get Loaded In The Park And New York With The Wombats
  15. Albums: Kanye West In Not Brilliant Album Shock! Plus Reviews For The Go! Team, The Rumble Strips, Hot Hot Heat, Animal Collective, Coley Park And More